IT: Windows 7 and Vista (x86/x64) codec package even for PEBKAB's


I recently were seeking a complete codec package for Windows enabling me (and especially my Windows Media Center ;)) to a) play nearly any codec and b) rip blue-rays to my discs so I do not always need to insert the fragile originals but can play them directly via streaming on my TV.

I found many tools and codecs but were missing an installing routine - consequently, I had to install them hand by hand and had to create registry key files for special settings I wanted to use.

During the past days, I stumbled upon http://shark007.net. The author of this side created a tool which even PEBKAB (Problem Existing Between Keyboard And Chair) can use.

It does work for both, x86 and x64 Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You may want to give it a try :)


LIVE: Little man - the way girls are

Hi there,

the good thing about being ill and having issues with concentration on something etc. is that you can go through the douzend web sides of people you know and see (and wonder) how much time they have and how much they invest it into their personal blogs, homepages, ...

Well, even though all the sides I've been going through the past days were either informative or / and funny, one thing jumped into my eyes. On the blog of Phil von Sassen, I found a very funny, short movie about man and wife.

Here the link to his entry: http://sassen.org/wir-werden-frauen-nie-durchschauen/

And if you want to see it directly, here is the embedded player :)

Well, thank you Phil - and have a great Christmas to all of you.


IT: Hey IT

I just stumbled upon an article in TechCrunch about IE6 haters.

Actually, I am with these guys and therefore and herewith want to support this initiative. Here is the link: http://hey-it.com/

The link to the above mentioned article is http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/07/23/woah-people-really-dont-like-ie6/.


Surprise Germany - cheap food results in cheap (food) tricks

In Germany they started to realize that food is not only cheapest food in Europe (no, not yet realized) but as a logical cause to that, food is not what it pretend to be.

For example some shrimps are only made of albumen - so actually they are immitating shrimps (even though albumen is death which does in the widest sense give them something in common :o)) - with other food, it is the same. Guacamole which does contain nub fat instead of Avocado fat, and so on.

Surprise, surprise Germany!

Anyhow, a country that just realizes that quality, quantity and prizing really belong together even though nearly everone here believes that quality and low prizing belongs together and is of course archived by high quantities... (yep, quantity and quality can go along, but high quality + high quantity only if low prizing is raised to realistic prizig, putting it away from chep to reasonable!) can't, of course, accept such thing.

Consequently - and typical German - we discuss it.. meanwhile, at least a daily growing list with products exist here: http://tinyurl.com/ltx4j8

But if I am allowed to make a guess, whilst everyone is going to talk about it and is either resignating or otherwise for higher prizing (as long as he isn't affected) and more control (which again raises the prize I guess ;)), for our upcoming election, the typical amnesia will come up and all electors forget about the issue itself - until it is opportune to remember.

My question to you, dear reader is, if

  • there is a guarantee for objective, non industry paid, quality assurance and control
  • that means that quantities are lowered and the one or other fruit will not be available through out the yeat
  • that also means that not any fruit looks perfectly shaped (like the cucumber finally can be again)

would you pay reasonable prizes for such products?

Let me know your thoughts, I am looking forward to them.


Ingo-Stefan Schilling


TECH: Install PHP on IIS7 - and find out that DLL's are missing...

This dll's are OCI.dll, libcs.dll and maybe some other...

Well, going through Google a lot of good meant tips and tricks are named but they all compiled do help - finally.

Therefore, if you get an FastCGI- or similiar error message first try to test whether PHP does work from the console. Simply open it and run it via php-cgi (if you created a phpinfo.php on your inetpub root). Maybe you want to try it with php-cgi phpinfo.php.

Usually you'll get the mentioned error called:
*.dll was not found, for example: OCI.dll was not found, libcs.dll was not found ...

Well, that's easy to handle - if you know what todo.

a) OCI.dll is related to Oracle stuff - therefore, if you don't need it just open you php.ini and outcomment everything that is related to Oracle and extension - I mean EVERYTHING :)
b) libcs.dll is related to Symantic - so do the likewise to a) with Symantec related extensions.

And here we go. Everything works fine.

BTW: If you are using an 64bit system, the whole thing does work perfectly here as well.

If you find that the whole thing doesn't work at all, adding HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node/PHP a string value called IniFilePath with the path to your PHP installation does do the thing. Under a 32bit system, you find the PHP- Entry below SOFTWARE :)


Tech: Developing C# on 64bit - A little debugging tip

A very long time ago I started my development carreer with Basic on a C64. Later on, my first real debugging experience was with Amiga- and Gfa Basic. Both allowed my to change my code during the debugging session which was, especially in larger projects, of some great help - and of course I was finally able to try the one or other thing while in debugging mode. Later on, doing my Visual Basic development, I was able to go on in enjoying this way of development.
With Java and C# this way of development ended - so my thoughts and experience. I read that debugging and changing code should work at least in C# but have never been able to do so...
Some months ago I figured out why - and felt like a perfect idiot, especially since I pointed out some years ago in a developer forum (I think Skype) that - on 64bit systems - there is a border to cross.
The tip
If you develop on a 64bit system, VS 2005 / 2008 per default turns the platform target (Properties-Build) to Any CPU for C#. This consequently does result in you not being able to debug and code the same time.
If you do not code something doing 64bit operations or is in need of 64bit only compiled libraries, you might want to change the platform target to x86. The result is - back in debugging and coding business...
Well, sometimes it is as easy as this to make a developer happy 8-)
Question to Microsoft
When can I debug & code in both environments? 64bit debug & code only doesn't work - yet?


TECH: A possible but strange IE8 Tab performance issue solution

While searching for a solution to IE8's obvious tab 'performance' issue, I stumbled upon the an article of Ed Bott http://www.edbott.com/weblog/?p=2443&cpage=2.

I tried it and partially it worked out - so maybe you experienced the same issue and search for a solution, this might help you as well.


TECH: Apple's iPhone, Jailbreaking and so on

Eine Freundin machte mich auf einen Artikel im deutschen, mobile ZDNET aufmerksam. Der Titel lautete: Ist Steve Wozniak kriminell? zu finden unter: http://cgi.zdnet.de/mobile/?p=178.

Grundsaetzlich geht es um die Frage ob 'Jailbreaking' des iPhones legitim ist oder nicht und vor allem um Apples Sicht der Dinge.

Ich kann es mir nicht verkneifen das zu kommentieren ;)

Apple als Urheber eines Produktes und hat durch Veroeffentlichung der Rahmenbedingung zur Nutzung nach dem Kauf jedem User / Kaeufer die freie Wahl gelassen das iPhone im Sinne Apples zu nutzen oder es eben sein zu lassen. - Was wohl fuer viele bedeuten wuerde es nicht zu kaufen und Wohl oder Uebel auf ein Statussymbol zu verzichten.

Konsequenterweise ist also eine der typischen Behauptungen der iPhone- Jailbreaker, sie haetten keine Wahl gehabt, glatt gelogen.

Aber, so ist unsere Gesellschaft heutzutage leider in vielen Bereichen. Trotz (klarer) Regeln und (klarer) Kommunikation dieser ist den meisten Menschen scheinbar egal was oder wie etwas sein soll, schliesslich kann man sich einfach darueber hinwegsetzen. - Stimmt! Nur leider muss ich immer wieder feststellen dass dies dann auch die Art Mensch ist, die gleich schreit wenn die eigenen Rechte ebenfalls ignoriert werden - oder aber ein Unternehmen wie Apple gegen den Verstoss der zuvor mit dem Kauf aktzeptierten Nutzungs- und Lizenzbedingungen vorgeht. Selbiges gilt natuerlich auch fuer die Musikindustrie, etc. pp..

Verwundert oder erstaunt duerfte also kein Jailbreaker sein der ein Problem bekommt - ebenso natuerlich Apple nicht. Wieso ausgerechnet im hochreglementierten Deutschland etliche Regelungen der Nutzungs- und Lizenzbedingungen Apples nicht funktionieren habe ich nicht recherchiert - aber evt. greift auch hierzulande der Verbraucherschutz mal im Sinne der Verbraucher ;) -, jedoch ist festzustellen dass dies Jailbreaking deshalb nicht weniger fragwuerdig macht.

Es mag sein dass es 'legal(er)' ist, doch waehre es nicht nachhaltiger und sinnvoller nicht wie ein Lemming das iPhone zu Kaufen sondern Apple davon in Kenntnis zu setzen dass man(n) dies zwar taete, jedoch nur zu aktzeptablen Bedingungen?

Fuer die meisten Menschen sicherlich eine unueberwindbare Huerde - es sind ja nicht ihre Wuensche und Forderungen die schlichtweg ignoriert und mit Fuessen getreten werden!

Ich kann nur hoffen das wir auf diese Menschen nicht angewiesen sind (wenngleich es doch leider sein werden) sobald es darum geht Demokratie aktiv mitzugestalten und im Rahmen der gesellschaftlichen Regelungen zu handeln ... denn an diesem Punkt wuerden sie unter Umstaenden scheitern und garantiert ins Gegenteil verfallen - so lange es Opportun ist, natuerlich.

Zu guter Letzt moechte ich noch einen weiteren Punkt zum Thema Apple und Lizenz- Nutzungsbestimmungen anbringen. Jeder Apple Juenger - zumindestens die, die schon laenger dabei sind - weiss das Apple grundsaetzlich und nebenbei bemerkt mehr als die Microsofts, Standard Oils, AT&Ts, Bells etc. dieser Welt, immer schon darauf gesetzt hat eine kleine und feine Enklave mit maximalem Protektionismus zu erhalten.

Frueher wurde dies kuenstlich mit Hardware und beinahe unueberwindbaren Lizenzbestimmungen aehnlich Commodore gemacht, heute eben nur noch rechtlich - und beim iPhone zusaetzlich mit ein wenig Hardware. Haette sich Apple nicht dem Diktat der Zeit hingeben muessen und damit rechnen koennen dass das iPhone perfekt ist - ich garantiere das es keine Moeglichkeit zum flashen und somit Jailbreaken gebe, jedenfalls keine so einfache :)

Persoenlich frage ich mich warum noch niemand auf die Idee kam (weder die EU hier bei uns noch in den USA die klassischen Verdaechtigen) Apple zu verklagen. Schliesslich wurden Microsoft aehnliche Praktiken vorgeworfen und es hat zumindestens teilweise Fruechte getragen.

Es waehre in jedem Fall der richtige und demokratischere Weg, oder?


On my own score: Changing the world of Social Networking and e-Commerce OR Banner advertisement isn't working!

During the past years, I always wondered how Social Networks and other Web 2.0 bubbles could survive. In discussions, I was always seen as the black painter, the pessimist ... because I was telling these concerns and referring to the first new economy bubble.

Well, even though my predictions are not yet fulfilled and the Web 2.0 bubble still exists, and even though it looks like it is not breaking as bad as the new economy bubbles back in 2000/1, the signs are showing that several things will happen similiar like in the past. And - many of the Web 2.0 bubble companies are Social Networks of which many have done more for todays mankind than new economy bubble companies back than. Therefore from my opinion they need a second chance to make it through the upcoming issues.

The biggest issue with monetizing these networks is their audience. If I am saying many users are freeloaders, I don't mean that in any way insulting but, looking to the users behavior the moment they should pay for the service they use (the one or other way) you must recognize that this association isn't far away from being truth - as said, I am not wanting to insult someone here nor I am saying that this is in general the case!

During the past months, some friends of me and I made up our minds and after playing around with several ideas, and due to the fact that we are also acting in the VC scene in Germany and partially supporting global VCs in terms of doing due diligences etc. for them, we found that it is time to explore the other side: So we started a new business called SocialCom.

The marketing yadayada is:

Our understanding is that in a world where Web 2.0 is a smashing success regarding user involvement but a crushing disappointment when it comes to revenue generation, SocialCom goal is to rewrite the rules. SocialCom enriches social networks with tools that enable Social Commerce in a reliable, measurable and profitable way without being intrusive – no sensitive user data, no ad space, no banners needed. As a result, social networks can expect significant revenues without putting off their ad-weary audience, while the audience can expect exciting new content.

Consequently, we believe - and see - that Banner advertisement is not working!

In fact, the marketing yadayada is not that far away from the real world. In fact nearly all, non-business Social Networks are 'suffering' from their users and do have massive monetizing issues - even though they are (of course not) telling this to the broad audience.

We have been in many discussions and due diligences during the past 18 months and can tell you as one result: Social Networks are, from my personal standpoint, helpful and making the world smaller - and hopefully a better place. Fact is, however, users are not willing (and often even not able) to pay for this.

Coming back to our idea of SocialCom: Since the audience of Social Networks is quite weary if it comes to advertisements and usually very sensitive if it comes to personal data - even though I personally believe most users are still not sensitive enough! - the Social Networks are in the middle of a dilemma.

If they are placing more ads in today’s formats, users are leaving - aside the point that the sensitive ones realize that they are spammed with Cookies from their Social Network as well as from different ad-networks (this is going to be another blog entry I am writing about soon!).
If they are going to sell the user data they a) don't know if the data is correct and b) it will end up in going public in the worst case --> users are leaving or changing their data (as happened to some large Social Networks nearly instantly after they changed their policies ..) this or the other way, income is decreasing or stagnating.

So what does make our idea of SocialCom different:
a) SocialCom is not about trademarks
b) SocialCom is not about advertisement
c) SocialCom is about products - and products ONLY.

d) SocialCom does not need to know that the user is Chris Right or Lieschen Mueller
e) SocialCom does not need to 'hunt down' the user with cookies and therefore is not tracing him over all websites he has been and will be - as most ad- and affiliate-networks doing it!
f) SocialCom does indeed need some information like: Someone who is of age 33 (or between the age of 30 to 40, or...) and is a he (or neutral) is currently in (or coming from) Germany... is currently on our Social Network and we would like to show him some products that may interest him (and which he's hopefully buying ;) ). That is it.
About f) since we do still not know nor trace who you are in person, nor make any connection between you and your trails (behavior, interest, gender, …), we protect your personal information since we don't know it at all... but of course we put you into a pigeonhole to deliver you (and therefore the Social Network) some product ideas which are displayed in a non-intrusive way. And hopefully you are interested in them and buying this via the offered way to support your Social Network – and of course SocialCom, which consequently means me ;o) The information delivered by the Social Network to our systems is, by the way, immediately deleted the moment the conclusions are calculated and the products are chosen and delivered to the side to be shown to you!

The promise of SocialCom is
a) To the End-users - so usually you - We are not penetrating your privacy nor tracing you in any way!
b) to the Social Networks - We are not going to sell your users nor collecting data about any individual but deliver you tools and chances to monetize

I could, undoubtedly ;o), go on in writing a lot more – but I am asking you to discuss the idea explained here. I am looking forward on your feelings and questions about it. And of course I will, as long as it isn't compromising the current stage and IP of SocialCom, explain more here if you like me to.


ich-tue-nichts-für-glück / i-do-nothing-for-happiness

Someone I know started a blog, beginning from January, 1st 2009. I like her idea so I want to share it with you here.

EN: http://i-do-nothing-for-happiness.blogspot.com/
DE: http://ich-tue-nichts-fuer-glueck.blogspot.com/