How was 2007 for you?


looking back the first time in life, I have to say that 2007 was one of the worst years for me, personally and from a business perspective.

Personally I lost the only woman I loved more then my live. She is the only one I even started to change for - even though this was to slow.

Secondary, I betrayed all my ideals. Why's that? I recognized that my ideals do not work in todays world, looking back for the last 10 years, I figured out that nearly everyone I know ripped my ideals for his/her own sake - well, I am not resentful since I allowed it in the one or other manner. Anyways, this ends in 2007 - so something good happens at all.

Third, I decided to change my workplace in 2007 - and stumbled out of the frying pan into the fire..

Well, what else could happen - so far nothing more, but way enough.

Let's hope for 2008 - I am cautioned optimistic :-)

Have a great, healthful and successful 2008 - who ever and where ever you are. And let me know how your 2007 was..

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Jack said...

Hmmm, i wish a better year for us all...