Recycling - and what others do to help


in one of my fields, the IT, currently everybody is talking about green IT.

Manufacturers, Data Center, etc. are all talking about less energy consuming computers and equipment. Some of them even realized that it may be a good idea to use wood or other biological material for future PCs.

Well, nice ideas but folks, it's the same stupid thing to-do as with Bio-Gas for cars etc... Here for example, the raw material, canola etc., might be regenerative - but on what costs. Energy investments for fertilizer etc. have been so far not taken into account. The same btw. for all regenerative energies - I hope that sooner or later people really will start to walk the production process entirely and not picking out the rosins.

For the PC's etc., the answer must be - from my point of view - don't look only on the current energy consumption, have a look to the production process and related materials as well. Maybe you'll find methods here which are way better then regenerative materials to cover our computers :o)

And, you might have a look to http://www.recycling-atelier.de. - The page is currently only German, but the idea is obvious. A friend of mine and her partners started to recycle existing and wearied out furniture and make new, great looking furniture from it.

Transporting this idea to the IT industry, there might be better ways to come over the problems. I know, a Pentium 4 or previous processors aren't the best example - nor energy consuming / wasting gamer PC's like mine - but maybe there are people smarter than me having ideas on farming these machines and archiving tremendous performance (by putting an application layer of all systems or so?) and finally we do not need new machines but can recycle old once.... or whatever way to go here.

Well, I wonder if someone is reading my blog at all - but if so, maybe you have some ideas about what and how to recycle - let me know. I am anxious to get your thoughts.



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