Surprise Germany - cheap food results in cheap (food) tricks

In Germany they started to realize that food is not only cheapest food in Europe (no, not yet realized) but as a logical cause to that, food is not what it pretend to be.

For example some shrimps are only made of albumen - so actually they are immitating shrimps (even though albumen is death which does in the widest sense give them something in common :o)) - with other food, it is the same. Guacamole which does contain nub fat instead of Avocado fat, and so on.

Surprise, surprise Germany!

Anyhow, a country that just realizes that quality, quantity and prizing really belong together even though nearly everone here believes that quality and low prizing belongs together and is of course archived by high quantities... (yep, quantity and quality can go along, but high quality + high quantity only if low prizing is raised to realistic prizig, putting it away from chep to reasonable!) can't, of course, accept such thing.

Consequently - and typical German - we discuss it.. meanwhile, at least a daily growing list with products exist here: http://tinyurl.com/ltx4j8

But if I am allowed to make a guess, whilst everyone is going to talk about it and is either resignating or otherwise for higher prizing (as long as he isn't affected) and more control (which again raises the prize I guess ;)), for our upcoming election, the typical amnesia will come up and all electors forget about the issue itself - until it is opportune to remember.

My question to you, dear reader is, if

  • there is a guarantee for objective, non industry paid, quality assurance and control
  • that means that quantities are lowered and the one or other fruit will not be available through out the yeat
  • that also means that not any fruit looks perfectly shaped (like the cucumber finally can be again)

would you pay reasonable prizes for such products?

Let me know your thoughts, I am looking forward to them.


Ingo-Stefan Schilling

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