IT/Tech: Chrome Flash Plugin crashes (all the time)

I found during 2012 that my Chrome did have to many Flash crashes, a really annoying thing - but I had to wait up until now to fix it (headbang).

However, if you have the same problem, don't worry, the fix is done in seconds (and you will wonder why you didn't fix it earlier, as I do :))


a) type: about://plugins as URI and press return
b) click on details on the right upper side.
c) find the Flash plugin, you will notice two (2) files.
d) disable the internal one (which resides in the Chrome folder) and leave the adobe plugin enabled.
e) you might want to close chrome, at least you need to open a new tab to see whether it worked.
d) done :)

Source: Lockergnome was my source.

If this doesn't work - you very likely don't have Adobe Flash/Shockwave installed and need to go on with your search, sorry I can't help you here for now.

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